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WPT Choctaw WPT Backrest Mattress Set Image of Poker Stables Fixing

by KZ Poker

Fourteen players, some of whom attended the WPT Choctaw main eventwill have the support this summer at the World Series of Poker (WSOP) of the Houston Sports Betting Legend Jim McIngvale (also known as “Mattress Mack”), and seek to reinvent the image of poker stables after the Bryn Kenney is a hoax scandal.

Mattress Mack, who generated her wealth as the owner of the Gallery Furniture mattress chain (hence the nickname), is known for betting on seven figures at sporting events such as the Super Bowl and the NCAA Tournament. Next month, he will make an investment in some talented local poker players, including DJ Alexandre, Will Nguyeni Will Leffingwellwith whom PokerNews spoke to Choctaw before the start of Day 1b.

“I think it makes people think that players in the same stable are trying to play together,” Leffingwell said of the image of the poker stables that Kenney might have created. “It could happen online, but it seems to me that live if people are smart enough on 2,000 or 3,000 player fields, they can see that it’s almost impossible to play together.”

They have already created a team name: the Poker stallions – and have Instagram and YouTube pages set up with chronicle plans for your trip throughout the summer.

Bet on Mattress Mack

Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale

Leffingwell, a Houston poker professional, ran deep in Choctaw in January, finishing 19th in a WSOP circuit event. Last summer he finished runner – up in Social First in an unlimited Hold’em tournament for over $ 150,000, especially impressive considering he’s more of a cash game specialist. Mattress Mack realized her talent and decided she wanted to invest some money in poker.

“(Mattress Mack) told a friend of mine that she wanted to meet me, so I ended up meeting him and he told me he wanted to put some people at the main event this year,” Leffingwell said. “So, he told me, I need a Cowboy to find me some horses to go to (Las Vegas) this summer.”

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Leffingwell brought together a team of professionals from the Houston area: 14 players – They will all live together and compete with the same support for the 2022 WSOP in Las Vegas. McIngvale will give each of them $ 40,000 to spend on tournaments, 10,000 of which will cover the cost of the main event. They also pay for their travel expenses. In total, he is investing $ 560,000 in the team.

The list of players is headed by Alexander, who won a WSOP bracelet last fall $ 1,000 unlimited Flip & Go hold’em event, a score of $ 180,665. But he wasn’t even close to his biggest cash ever.

In 2017 he was runner-up in the $ 1,500 WSOP Millionaire Maker for $ 754,499 and has $ 2.8 million in live tournament cash for life according to Hendon Mob. Alexander, one of Houston’s top professionals, is firing his second bullet at the WPT Choctaw Main Event on Saturday after a tough 1st day session.

DJ Alexandre

Support layout details

McIngvale’s 14 poker horses are essentially freeroll this coming summer, but the pressure to win is as high as if they were playing on their own. That’s because the Houston sports fan is giving them a chance to make money that can change their lives.

The trio of horses PokerNews spoke with explained that McIngvale will allow each of them to keep 40% of their individual profits. Most of the remaining winnings will be pocketed, and the player who earns the most over the summer will receive an additional financial bonus.

Although each player will play individually, they are all encouraged to support each other. The more money the team earns overall, the higher the bonus payments at the end of the summer. And the players on the team are all friends, so they want to succeed with each other independently.

Each player can individually select summer events to play, including non-WSOP tournaments in Las Vegas. But there will be some team strategy for selecting these events, as Leffingwell explains.

“If there’s a big Venetian field and a big Wynn field and a big WSOP field on the same day, we want to put a couple of us each in one so we can have a chance to win top three prizes instead of all. the same tournament, “Leffingwell said. “But I think different players will use different strategies.”

Team members will each have $ 30,000 to spend on tournaments during the summer beyond the WSOP main event. It will be imperative that they choose wisely so that those who do not make a profit will not earn a penny, and that would be a disappointing summer. Any player who earns even a small profit will be eligible to receive a Mattress Mack bonus.

There will be team and individual strategies at play in determining the best events to participate in.

“I’m playing with a pretty full schedule (this summer), almost all up to $ 10,000,” Alexander said, explaining that playing in the WSOP has prestige, but also acknowledges that there are other events in which he will compete. if the value is better.

A love for Choctaw

Leffingwell is competing in the Outstanding WPT Choctaw event in a casino he finds nostalgic. In the early 2000s, he made lifelong friends at Southern Oklahoma Casino, which will be part of the Poker Stallions next summer. And they all have nicknames that he wanted to mention.

Mack’s Poker Stable Mattress

Real Name Alias ​​Will Leffingwell “The Poker Cowboy” Bob Cote “Tattoo” Pejman Niyati “Prime Time Premo” Dejaunte “DJ” Alexander “Flip & Go DJ” Will Nguyen “Trilly” Matt Colvin “Crazy Matt” David Mzareulov “Russian David” Scott Dulaney “El Bomber” Logan Hewett “Wookie” Kris Burchfield “Sonny” Jerry “The Joker” Kyle Arora “Diamond Hands”

“This has always been a special place for me,” Leffingwell said of Choctaw Casino. “I met Will (Nguyen) here, probably more than 10 years ago I met five or six stallions, so it’s really nice that we’re here now.”

For now, the Poker Stallions will focus on the action of the World Poker Tourand we may see one at the final table May 26, which takes place in Las Vegas. It would certainly be a good way to start the summer and would probably make Mattress Mack more comfortable with her investment.

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