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WSOP online circuit series that puts players in the Champions Tournament

by KZ Poker

May 16, 2022 Latest Poker News

The US WSOP Online is giving players more chances to win the circuit rings and take part in what promises to be one of the toughest events of the year, the inaugural WSOP Champions Tournament.

Win a WSOP ring like this at WSOP Online this month. (Image: WSOP)

Players from Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Michigan have nine times more to win a WSOP circuit ring and pay for their liquidity before the WSOP starts on May 31st. A daily circuit tournament takes place in these markets until May 24th. events start at $ 2 and also run daily.

Not only does the Circuit ring look good as the venue rises, but it’s also worth entering the three-day Champions Tournament, a $ 1 million free game starting July 18, two days after the main event ends. As it turns out, the Champions Tournament will consist of the winners of the live and online Circuit events, as well as the 88 wristband events.

Value to find

There have been a number of online WSOP tournaments in Pennsylvania and Michigan that have lost the prize pool guarantees, sometimes significantly.

In Pennsylvania, the $ 320 Circuit event lost its $ 15,800 guarantee on Saturday. In Michigan, the same $ 320 event lost its $ 50,000 pledge for $ 14,300, and last night the $ 525 event there lost the $ 50,000 pledge for $ 5,000.

It is a continuation of a trend that gives good value to players at the expense of the site. In Pennsylvania, the 46-event online championships, which took place May 1-15, had only 21 tournaments that met the prize guarantees. And one of them is surpassing the $ 3 promise.

The $ 150,000 guaranteed “Main Event” that took place yesterday failed at $ 50,600.

In Michigan, only 14 tournaments in its 46 Online Championships events were guaranteed no prizes.

New Jersey / Nevada client players don’t see much overlap. The two states share players, and Michigan will soon join the Multistate Internet Gambling Agreement (MSIGA). MSIGA members are New Jersey, Delaware, Nevada and Michigan.

It has not been announced when the WSOP Michigan will begin sharing player groups with Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware, but a clue may be found in a schedule release.

Last week, WSOP Online released the bracelet calendar for Michigan players, meaning they won’t be playing bracelets against New Jersey and Nevada players until next year.

The WSOP is the only online poker room that MSIGA takes advantage of. This allows the site to offer – and comply with – greater guarantees, as can be seen from the WSOP Circuit event schedules in different markets.

Pennsylvania and Michigan WSOP Online Tour Schedule

WSOP Online Tour Schedule for Pennsylvania and Michigan. (Image: WSOP Online)

New Jersey and Nevada WSOP Online Tour Schedule (ET Schedules)

May 16, 7:00 PM $ 215 $ 50,000 Guaranteed May 17, 7:00 PM $ 500 $ 75,000 Guaranteed May 18, 7:00 PM $ 215 $ 50,000 Guaranteed May 19, 7:00 PM $ 320 $ 75,000 Guaranteed May 20, 7:00 PM $ 215 PLO $ 21,000 , guaranteed May 7 $ 320 $ 50,000 guaranteed May 22, 5:00 PM $ 525 $ 250,000 guaranteed May 23, 7:00 PM $ 250 $ 50,000 guaranteed May 24, 7:00 PM $ 1,000 $ 75,000 guaranteed

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